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Bishkek, Chui valley

The Chui valley is most north valley of Kyrgyzstan. It is placed to the north from Kyrgyz Range and it accomodates the capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek. Thermals starts here in April and lasts up to the end of September.

You can make really big XC flights along the Kyrgyz Range mountains, flying more then handred kilometers, crossing numbers of valleys and ridges.Main takeoffs here are the TYSACHA (2270m), CChon-Tash(1500) and Jylamish (1270).

There is an upper valley on the south from Bishkek. It is fenced by the hills chain from the Chui valley. It is pretty good thermalling conditions in the upper valley thanks to the unique geography. It has 10 km width and 30 km long.

Taking off from Tysyacha paraglider pilots have more than 1000 meters above the valley and can fly very interesting XC flights. Jylamish take off is another very good place for flying over the flatlands, because the takeoff is situated on the hill placed almost in the valley.

The "Tysyacha" takeoff

Height 2270 meters
ELevation above the valley 1000 meters
Coordinates: UTM 43T 0467215, 4725955

THe main takeoff of the Chui Valley. Good for the winds from North-West, NORTH, North-East. The takeoff is very big flat top grassy field. No any obsticles around.

From here you can start very big XC flights with variety of possibilities: Mountain flights along the ridge, Extreme mountain and glaier flights toward South (Big mountains behind) or just relaxing Flatland flights – North direction.

Best weather is May and June. JJuly is most rough air and thick inversions. August became much better and again soft flight till the end of September.

The "ChonTash" takeoff

Height 1500 meters
Elevation above the valley 200 meters
Coordinates: UTM 43T 0467564, 4729245

The place is a cradle of the Kyrgyzstan Paragliding. Placed under the Tysacha takeoff. Very easy accessible by any car (almost). Good for th North and North-West winds.

With good weather you can easily fly up to the Tysyacha. And you can start a good flight from there if succeeded to climb up.

The "Jylamish" takeoff

Height 1300 meters
Elevation above the valley 200 meters

Coordinates UTM 43T 446722, 4734169

Another very good training hill near Bishkek. The place have different takeoffs. They are out from mountains so it is easy to fly out to the flats from here.

Usually pilots are flying to th East from here – towards the ChonTash takeoff, which is in 25 kilometers from here. Main wind is West – it helps pretty much to fly to East.