The land of Freeride!
Долина Суусамыр | 158 км. Бишкек-Ош | Кыргызстан

Два дня

Two days catskiing. One night stay at the Lodge.

SuusLodge offers the best snowcatskiing on the powder-laden, completely virgin slopes of Suusamyr-Too and Kyrghyz Range. Skiers with the sense of adventure, who are looking for an escape from civilization, lifts, line-ups and crowds, will be pleasantly rewarded.

(Snowcat is an enclosed-cab, truck-sized, fully traced vehicle with a passenger cabin for 12 people, used to take the skiers/snowboarders up to the point of descent).

Price: 320€ per person

  • Skiing/boarding
  • Meals
  • Loding
  • Guide services
  • Ping-pong, wifi, tv
  • Water, coffee, tea
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