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XC Kyrgyzstan

Discover new flight locations in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan.

The program includes flights in 4 different locations of Kyrgyzstan: BISHKEK + SUUSAMYR + TOKTOGUL + JALALABAD.


Bishkek, Chuy Valley

Chui Valley is the most northern valley of Kyrgyzstan. It is located north of the Kyrgyz range and here is the capital of the country – Bishkek. Thermal weather here begins in April and ends in September.

Along the Kyrgyz ridge you can make large-scale routes, flying dozens of kilometers and flying over many gorges and spurs of mountains. The main starts here are Thousand (2270m), Chon-Tash (1500m), Zhylamysh (1270m).



On the South side of the CG ridge, in the heart of the Tien Shan, there is a fabulous flying place – the high-mountainous valley Susamyyr. The valley is located at an altitude of 2000 m. And is surrounded by snow-white peaks up to 4500 meters high. Route flights on Suusamyr are grand flights along the majestic mountains and rocks that you will remember all your life.



Toktogul reservoir is located 300 km from the capital on the way to the south. This is a huge artificial lake 80 km long. In the people it is called Toktogul – as well as the city, located on the near, northern, shore. The road here crosses two beautiful mountain passes – Too-Ashu (3200m) and Ala-Bel (3250m), going down the beautiful Chichkan gorge up to Toktogul.



Jalalabad is located in the south of the country in the foothills of the Fergana mountain range. There are excellent conditions for both mountain and valley flights. The uniqueness of the place is that 4 different starts are immediately available to pilots for different winds and weather conditions.

Duration: 10 days

Tour cost: $ 1300 per person

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