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Jalalabad is the third city in the country. It is situated on the South below the Fergana Range. Here you can find very good conditions for any type of lfights – Mountain or Flatland fling. Jalalabad pilots have 4 different sites fo different winds and weather conditions.


That’s why you can fly almost every day in Jalalabad. If th Western wind is blowing you just go to the main takeoff – MARKAI. If it is Eastern norning wind coming up from the East, so you cannot go to Markai, you can go to ANTENNA – the other takeoff with 400 meters drop to valley.

If you face the South-West wind or South, the best place is KARATASH (nickname – “Mini-Dolomites”). Finally you can go to the training hill – “200” which is on East direction from the town.

The MARKAI takeoff

Height 2070 meters
Elevation above the valley 1000m

Markai is the main takeoff in Jalalabad. Very good takeoff with grassy flat top and progressively tilted runway. Very big – More than 10 wings can be sprad and prepared here for the launch simultaneosely.

Just in front and little bit on the right side you will meet the chain of home thermals – on by one. So if the first thermal is not in it’s phase, you just go further to the next home thermal.

If you will fly over the Markai ridge to the NorthEast, which is easy, you can jump to the main ridge of Fergana Range – very high and beautiful.

If you want to fly in the smooth flatland thermals, you just go to th West to the valley. But the flats start to work on the late afternoon only.

All the valley is just big grass field, so you can easily land wherever you want. You can make really big XC flights here.

The KARATASH takeoff

Height – 1270 meters
Elevation above the ground – 400 meters

Pilots call this place a “Mini-Dolomites” because of flying besides the vertical rocky walls. Th e takeoff is placed on the South West from Jalalabad. It is oriented to the South-West and West winds. Pretty smooth THermo-Dynamic flights in the evening time. Might be very rough in the noon.

The very usual XC flight of local pilots – Karatash to the town Airport. It is easy to fly because you are flying with the tailwind all the way.

The ANTENNA takeoff

Height – 1250 meters
Elevation abov the ground – 400 meters

The Antenna takeoff is placed on the West from the town – very close and accessible. The takeoff is on the small ridge (5 kilometers long), along which you can fly very long time.

When the Eastern wind comes, which is very seldom actually, you can fly in the nice thermo-dynamic – smooth and easy training flights.

THe takeoff also works almost every morning, When the sun starts to heat the eastern slopes of the mountain.

The "200" takeoff

Height 1200 meters
Elevation above the valley 200 meters

Nice training hill with pretty often dynamic blowing here. In a good thermal day you can fly out from here towards Markai easily. Just fly along the ridge which is going higher an higher and finally connects to Markai ridge.