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Suusamyr, the Heart of Tien Shan

UUSAMYR – is a high mountain valley, surrounded by beautiful snowy peaks of Tien Shan mountains. It is a unique place for epic high XC flights i the real big mountains.Unique gegraphical location, hard continental climate and unreal landscape create magic mixture of thermal atmosphere with high skies (cloudbase up to 5 000m).

Suusamyr valley spread for more than 100 km long from East to West – along the main wind direction. The valley width is about 40km in the most wide part. It has a triangular shape with long side along the Kyrgyz range from West to East (100km) with peaks as high as 4500 meters. The main takeoffs are located right here – on South face of Kyrgyz Range Mountains.

There are two main takeoffs- T01 “Tunnel” and S01 “SISKA” – both are very good with grass surface and pridictable home thermals.

Dalibor Carbol and Karel Vrbenski took of here with their epic vol biv flight from Suusamyr to Issyk-Kul.They have crossed several ridges, slept on the tops of the mountains and have flown over the magic landscapes of Suusamyr. THey spent 5 days for that fantastic trip.

Dalibor made a movie about that flights and sold it over all the Europe. Many other pilots made their best flights here. And many of them have set their own height gain records in Suusamyr thanks to the very high cloudbase.

Takeoff S01

Altitude 3050 meters,
Elevation over the valley – 800 meters.
Coordinates UTM: 43T 0402282 4685815

The takeoff located near the Tunnel, just on the highway, which connects North and South of the country. It is really useful and helpful when you bombed out and want to restart again. You just land near the highway and hithchike to the takeoff in 15 minutes only.

The takeoff itself covered by the grass but tilted for about 15 degrees. The takeoff run is simple and short but it is a little bit tricky to spread the wing on the tilted surface. You can find several home thermals in front of the takeoff.

THe highway runs down to the valley from 3050 m down to 2200 m, where you can find huge grassfields for landing. It is about 16 km direct from T01 takeoff to the SUUS lodge – good distance for the XC training flights.

The Bishkek – Osh highway goes by the valley bottom, whic makes retreival very easy and convenient. There is a Ski Resort “Too-Ashuu” near the takeoff.

Takeoff S01

Height 2800 meters,
Elevation above the valley 500 meters
Coordinates UTM: 43T 0391917 4678777

It is our home takeoff. Located close to SUUS lodge. Accesible only with powerful 4WD cars. Takeoff is almost ideal – huge flat top covered by short grass. Big space – enough even for 100 wings takeoff.

The takeoff slope tilted progressively to the valley – ideal takeoff without any obsticles around – no trees, no rocks, only grassy fields.

Just in a front of the takeoff you will find the home thermal, which can lift you up to 1500 meters above the takeoff. Pretty enough for a good XC flight start. The winds are predictable and smooth, which adds a safety to the takeoff.

Pilots can just glide down to the SUUS lodge and land on the backyard or on the grassy playground in front of the lodge. It is just 4 km to fly. Over the lodge you will find another home thermal which can make the landing here little bit tricky.

The SUUS lodge belongs to FlyKG club and located on the 158th kilometer of the Bishke-Osh highway. We have very good accomodation possibilities here, big main hall with TV and music set, relax corner, ping-pong table, kitchen and even small sauna!

In Summer we install the authentic kyrgyz Yurts, where guests can live also. They can stay in the economy or luxe rooms. There is a cafe, shop and the gas station near the lodge.

You can make fantastic flights over the Suusamyr valley as well. The flatlands flights are smooth and easy as a thermals there. But if you fly over the gorgeus snowy peaks you will never forget it!

The Suusamyr valley is a pearl of the Kyrgyzstan Paragliding!